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We create easy to use teaching tools apps for early learning and special education needs. We strive to provide great quality apps that are useful, practical and fun.

I’m a mom of two boys and the founder of FuzzyBees, a company named after my oldest son’s hand drawn creation, depicting two fuzzy bees brothers. I have been inspired to create apps to meet some of the differentiated learning needs of my youngest son’s special needs. Thanks to the amazing and talented people I’m privileged to work with, three apps have become a reality. Our sincere hope is that these apps can meet the needs of your learners as well, and that you enjoy using our apps to simplify your teaching needs. If you do, please leave us positive reviews on the App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. It would be a great honour when we are a part of your learning success stories. On behalf of the team, I'd like to thank you for your valuable support.

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Count To 100

Help take your child's counting skills to the next level with Count To 100!, a counting app with something every kid loves to press — elevator buttons! We've transformed the 100 chart, used in schools to help develop number sense and recognition, into an interactive version to help motivate and delight your child with a friendly voice, uplifting music, and those irresistible buttons that light up. The numbers are positioned in lines of 10s to give your child an understanding of how numbers relate to each other and how to simplify math problems. This helps your child to count in sequence from left to right.  Mastering the number line and understanding the fluency of numbers will contribute to your child's success in math-related life skills such as counting money, telling time, and reading a thermometer.


Preview Video - version 2.0


Children's Technology Review

Teachers take note -- this interactive counting board is a wonderful way to help a child understand the concept of 100, as well as such things all the numbers in between, by presenting ideas such as "there are twenty 5's that make up 100," or "counting by 12 creates stairs teps." You start by setting up your number board with a challenge, such as to skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s. There's also a 'Tap Any' mode to freely explore numbers. We like how the app starts directly by showing the counting board, and the options are easy to find. There are no web links or in-app purchases. For ages 3-12.

Please click this link to watch the YouTube video review.

Count To 100! made the list of iPad Apps for the Kindergarten curriculum, hand picked by Warren Buckleitner Ph.D. Please click this link to read more.

My Kid's Locker

Count to 100! is an app that exposes the user to the many different ways to count to 100. It is a simple, yet an extremely effective app for children, educators and parents to use.

Aces Teacher

Simple counting with many uses ★★★★★ - Version 1.0 - Nov 16, 2012

The title says it all - this app counts to one hundred.

What makes it worthwhile, however, are the various ways a student can practice counting to 100 (or any multiple of 10 up to 100). The settings allow for skip-counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 25s. Students can explore the numbers by tapping arbitrarily or follow a forced-sequence.

Once a number is selected, it is highlighted yellow and a tone plays with a female voice saying the number. Either of these options can be turned off in the menu. The developer cleverly designed the home button to activate on two taps, thereby ignoring inadvertent taps by students. Using the Guided Access accessibility feature of iOS 6 can disable all the option buttons, of course.

Some ideas for using this app in the classroom include:

A scaffolded counting experience for students during lessons to support 1-1 correspondence. For example, students can put items in a container one at a time and use the app as a counter to augment working memory.

By setting the grid to 30, students can practice counting during calendar activities (except on months with 31 days, of course!).

Students can estimate numbers on the grid with the option of displaying the numbers only when tapped and using the 'tap any' mode.

This app is a must-have for classrooms that have students with early numeracy skills. While it specializes in one skill, counting, it's many options make it a useful tool in the classroom.

note: some reviews on the AppStore mistakenly claim that the home button doesn't work and that music and speech can't be turned off independent of one another. After testing this app, I can confirm that the home button does work (requires two taps) and all sounds can be toggled on/off within the home menu.

Special Apps, Special Kids

While there are a large number of math apps on the market, only some do it well, and even less have children with special needs in mind- Count to 100! does. And while clearly developed with special needs in mind, Count to 100! would make a great reference tool for any young child learning how to count.

Melissa Northway

This is a great app as it helps your child count to 100 in a chart set up like what they use in schools. This helps with number recognition and the buttons light up as you press them. What child doesn’t enjoy pushing buttons like what you find in an elevator (remember the scene in the movie Elf when Will Ferrell kept pushing the buttons in the elevator).

App Abled

Most resource room teachers use 100 charts to teach early mathematicians so this app would be highly beneficial to students with special needs. It would help make learning counting patterns and early addition and subtraction skills visual. Count to 100 would also help students with special needs work on working left to right across a page and one to one correspondence. Parents could have this app at home for their child to us while doing homework to support the teaching methods being used at school. This is a must have app for students with special needs to move their learning into the 21st century.

Bridging Apps

There are numerous math apps for counting in the market, but not many that have children with special needs in mind when creating it- “Count to 100” is one of the exceptions.

This app has been useful in teaching children with Autism, children with visual perception issues, and those working on motor planning skills. For those with motor challenges, they are not only learning how to skip count, but also learning about counting in sequence from left to right.

Technology in Education

5/5 Appy Ratings.
I feel this is a great app for a kindergarden through first grade level student. As well as any child who has lower math skills. I love the fact that there is music to pulling the kids that might need that to draw them in.


Count to 100! gives you a customizable 100s board to inspire a variety of counting lessons for the classroom and home. You'll see the 100s board once you open the app. Double tap the home button and start customizing how many numbers you want to work with. Choose from counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s or 25s. You'll find many thoughtful options to optimize learning. The app has no tips or parents page, which we hope the developers add in the future. Use Count to 100! for counting practice, seek and find number games, or grab some counters (Lego Bricks work) and create sets while using the app. So many possibilities!


Please click this link to watch the video review on A4CWSN website.

Count To 100! Development Team

Version 1.0 (won CTR Award)
Jany Kartadinata
Philip & Sophia Levy
Dhania Kumara

Build To 100

Delight your child with an interactive and fun Hundreds Board to build! Designed to meet differentiated learning needs of children, Build To 100 is an app based on the Hundreds Chart, a 10-by-10 grid with the numbers 1 to 100 on it. Many schools all over the world have been using hundreds chart to help students learn their number sense, numbers relationship, sequencing and number patterns. By practicing building the hundreds board, your students / children will build mental model of the base ten number system that they can use to develop math strategies for substraction, addition, multiplication and division. Mastering the number lines will contribute to their success in math-related life skills such as counting money, telling time, and reading a thermometer.


Demo Video version 1.0


The iMums

It’s a versatile tool that helps students to improve their number sense and mathematical problem-solving skills. ... It’s a great math learning tool to have on every iPad.


The biggest positive of the app is the amount of customization presented on the settings section. A parent or teacher can really customize the game either to adapt to a child’s learning level or to give variety to the game so children get to familiarize and master numbers inside and out.

My Kid's Locker

Math Skill Building at its Best! ... The app is a virtual 100′s chart/grid allowing your child time to develop important Math concepts, such as counting by 1′s, 2′s, 5′s, 10′s and more. All of these concepts are essential in the early years of school, as are learning outcomes for their report cards. Students as old as upper intermediate can gain a wealth of experience working with this app.
In addition, if you are an educator this app can be projected through a Smartboard, screen and or used for assessment purposes one-on-one. Using a 100′s chart has never been easier.

Best Apps for Kids

Go beyond just teaching kids to count with this interactive number grid that allows them to place numbers from 1 to 100 both randomly and using a pattern to improve their counting and skip counting skills.

Build To 100 Development Team

Version 1.0 and 1.1
Jany Kartadinata
RuswAndi Alfonso

Math Facts To 100

Easily generate math facts equations to practice. Differentiate and adapt to your learners’ needs with the flexible settings. Visualize the equations with the hundred board, multiplication board, or the white board. With a switch of a button, see 100 board visualization come to life! The goal is to help learner acquire understanding of what the equation means in terms of quantity, number recognition, number meaning and operations. Once understanding is gained, learner will benefit from math facts practices, focussing more on mental math, memorization, speed and accuracy. Mastering math facts helps build a strong math foundation and ensure success in math related life skills such as handling money, telling time, and understanding temperature.


App Preview Video version 1.0


Teachers With Apps

TWA highly recommends this powerful visual teaching tool by FuzzyBees, the makers of Build To 100 and Count To 100. The app developer hopes this app serves as a practical tool for teachers to differentiate for various needs within their caseload. We feel that this goal has been met and the app exceeded our expectations in helping children think in mathematical terms.

Math Facts To 100 has been honoured with a badge of distinction from TWA Certification program. Please click this link to read more.

The iMums

Math Facts to 100 is a dynamic app for learning the basic Math Facts visually and progressively. It is designed to meet the needs of children of different abilities and students at different stages of Math Facts fluency through instructional scaffolding. Highly recommended.

Math Facts To 100 received 5 out of 5 stars rating.


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